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Farm Fresh Eggs

Served with a Choice of Homemade Hash Brown Potatoes, Grits or Fresh Fruit, and Choice of Pancakes or Toast


Eggs (any style)
Turkey Sausage
Sausage Link or Bacon
Ham or Canadian Bacon
Sausage Patties
Corned Beef Hash
Meat Lover's Trio

One Egg 
$ 8.49

Two Eggs 

Pan-Fried Omelettes

Four Egg Omelettes served with Homemade Shredded Hash Browns or Fruit, Choice of Toast or Side of Pancakes.

Egg Beaters or Egg White $1.00 Extra


Cheese Omelette - $9.99

Sausage, Bacon or Ham Omelette - $11.49
with Cheese

Fresh Spinach & Feta Cheese Omelette - $11.49
Broccoli or Mushroom Omelette - $10.49
with Cheese

Veggie Omelette - $11.25
Onion, green peppers, tomatoes, cheese and fresh mushrooms.
Denver Cheese Omelette - $12.25
Ham, onion, green pepper and American cheese.
California Omelette - $12.35
Grilled chicken, asparagus, avocado and American cheese.
Healthy Omelette - $12.35
Egg beaters or egg whites, zucchini, spinach and avocado.
House Omelette - $12.49
Onions, sausage link, ham, bacon and American cheese.
Pepper Mill Omelette $12.49
Green pepper, zucchini, avocado, broccoli and feta cheese.

Gyros Omelette - $11.49
Tomatoes, onions and feta cheese with tzatziki sauce.
Mexican Omelette - $12.25
Chorizo sausage, jalapeno, onions, tomato, Monterey Jack cheese and salsa. 

Irish Omelette - $12.49
With corn beef hash, onions and Swiss cheese.


Three Eggs (any style) topped with Homemade Shredded Hash Browns or Diced Potatoes, and Toast or Pancakes.

Steak Skillets.png

House Skillet - $12.49
(Ham, sausage link, bacon, onions, American and Monterey Jack cheese).
Mexican Skillet - $12.25
(Chorizo, sausage, jalapeno, onions, Monterey Jack cheese and salsa).

Steak Skillet - $15.99
(Skirt steak, onions, green pepper, tomatoes and American cheese).

Denver Skillet - $12.25
(Ham, onion, green pepper and American cheese).
Veggie Skillet - $11.25
(Fresh mushrooms, onion, tomatoes, green pepper, broccoli and cheese).

Country Fried Steak Skillet - $12.49
(Country fried steak, onions and diced potatoes topped with sausage).

Chicken Skillet - $12.49
(Chicken, broccoli, diced potatoes and cheddar cheese).

Country Skillet - $12.49
(Sausage patties, diced potatoes, onions and topped with sausage gravy).

Pepper Mill Skillet - $12.49
(Green pepper, zucchini, avocado, broccoli and pepper jack cheese).

Corned Beef Hash Skillet - $12.49
(With onions and Swiss cheese).

Cilantro Skillet - $13.99
(Chorizo, avocado, fresh jalapeno, cilantro & pepper jack cheese).


Served with Homemade Shredded Hash Brown Potatoes and Choice of Toast or Pancakes.


Chopped Steak & Three Eggs - $15.49
(any style)

Skirt Steak & Three Eggs - $23.99
(any style)

N.Y. Strip Steak & Three Eggs - $21.99
(any style)
Two Pork Chops & Three Eggs - $17.99
(any style)

Country Fried Steak & Three Eggs - $12.49
(any style)

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